I can help you and your family unlock a WORLD of possibilities by cultivating a beautiful home that is not only well-designed, but also "energy aligned"!

When the spaces in your home are "energy aligned", it allows you to operate from a state of flow and harmony making it easier for you manifest your dreams into reality. ​


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Floor Plan Reading

In Feng Shui we use an ancient blueprint called the Bagua Map that we lay on your home's floor plan in order to better understand how the flow of Qi is affecting you in all major areas of your life.

Clean, clear and under control.

This key addresses the physical dirt and clutter in your spaces, as well as the energetic clutter that stays stuck in your homes energetic field.

Designing with the 5 Elements

This final key is all about infusing your home with vibrant energy by harmonizing and fine tuning your interior decor and design in a way that supports YOU.

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