Your 2021 predictions based on your 9 Star Ki Numerology

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

A new year is quickly approaching which means new energetic shifts are on the horizon and a new 9 star ki forecast for 2021 is here to help you plan and move through this upcoming year with more ease and harmony!

If you know anything about 9 star Ki numerology, you know that every year brings on a unique set of themes and meanings specific to you, based on your principle 9 star ki archetype.

If you don’t know your principle 9 star archetype, you can calculate it using this simple formula based on your birth year:

Example: If you are born in the year 1989

Add: 1+9+8+9 = 27

Reduce to a single digit: 2+7 = 9

Subtract 11: 11-9 = 2 (2 earth is your principle archetype)

1 Water, you are transitioning from a transformative 8 earth year into a luminous 9 Fire year, which will feel like stepping out of a dark cave and into the lime light!

The overall theme for you in 2021 will be about being seen, expressing your passions and receiving new insights and revelations.

Now’s the time for you to show the world what’s bubbling underneath the surface of your deep and wise nature, so get ready to rise to the top and fully embrace the fame and recognition of this fiery year!

2 Earth, 2021 will feel much calmer than last year, but fear not, it’s simply because you are diving deep into an introspective 1 Water year.

The overall themes for you this year will be about self-reflection, resting and planning for a future that is in closer alignment with your true self and desired path in life.

It’s time for you to embrace this quiet and restorative year by putting yourself first for a changeand cultivating a self-care routine that truly reflects YOUR inner needs and desires!

3 Wood, you will be transitioning from a very quiet and introspective 1 water year, into a supportive and grounding 2 Earth year.

The overall energy for 2021 will still feel a lot slower than you’re used to but don’t let that discourage you from fully embracing this year of inner-growth and germination.

This is your year to start thinking about planning and preparing new grounds for your future endeavors and the seeds (projects/ideas/goals) you wish to cultivate in your garden of hopes and dreams!

4 Wood, you are moving from a slow and grounding 2 earth year into a lively and active 3 wood year.

The overall themes for you this year will be about fresh starts, optimism and quick expansion.

2021 is the perfect year for you to start something new and focus your energy on planting new seeds (projects, ideas and goals) that will expand your horizons—and have faith that these seeds you’re cultivating will spring to life this year!

5 Earth, you are going from an energetic 3 wood year into an expansive 4 wood year.

The overall themes for you in 2021 will revolve around rapid growth and guidance. All the seeds (ideas, projects, goals) that you planted last year will soon take root this year and begin to grow right before your eyes!

5 Earths, this is a crucial time for you to focus on managing all this new growth without burning out or giving up too soon so be sure to surround yourself with helpful people who can guide you and support you with your goals and aspirations.

6 Metal, you are moving from an expansive 4 wood year, into an unpredictable and pivotal 5 earth year.

The overall themes for you this year will revolve around big changes and unstable ground which can be challenging at times, but also ground-breaking if you play your cards right.

2021 might lead you down some uncertain paths but don’t let that steer you away from your vision! This is the year for you to really practice staying grounded and being true to yourself. Now’s not the time to give up or make any irrational decisions. Just stick to the plan and be patient, because it’ll all soon pay off!

7 Metal, you are moving from an unstable 5 earth year into a prosperous 6 metal year.

All the crops (ideas, goals, projects) that you’ve cultivated up until now are finally ready to be harvested!

The overall themes for you in 2021 will revolve around success, power and gratitude.