The 5 Elements and 9 Star Ki Personality Types

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The 9 star Ki is an eastern numerology system used to uncover a person’s innate personality, functionality and more, based on their date of birth.

The 9 stars are made up of 5 elemental archetypes divided into a yin or yang counterpart, making a total of 9 distinctive archetypes.

There are 3 numbers that complete your 9 star ki personality type

There is your principle number, which represents your true nature and who you are fundamentally, similar to your sun sign in western astrology.

Then there is your character number, which is your hidden side and how you were as a child or how you are under stress, similar to your moon sign.

Lastly, there is your energetic number, which represents the energy you put out into the world and how others perceive you, similar to your rising sign.

How do I calculate my 9 star ki principle number?

The formula to uncover your principle number is calculated using your year of birth:

Example: If you are born in the year 1989

Add: 1+9+8+9 = 27

Reduce to a single digit: 2+7 = 9

Subtract 11: 11-9 = 2 earth is your primary number


Water archetypes are the philosophers and truth seekers. They are wise, highly intuitive and naturally enjoy diving deep into the depths of the unknown; always on a quest for answers, hidden messages and the deeper meanings to life. They love a good conspiracy theory and indulging in complex conversations but can sometimes become overly fearful and cynical making them prone to anxiety and depression. Water archetypes also tend to isolate themselves and can hide their emotions very well which is why they sometimes come off as mysterious and hard to read.

1 Water

You embody both the yin and yang qualities of this element; meaning you can be reckless and wild like a rapid river or quiet and deep as a big old lake slowly soaking everything in.


Earth archetypes are the peacemakers and humanitarians.

They are the biggest promoters of love and harmony and value serving humanity with as much sustenance and support as they can, so much so that they have a tendency of losing themselves in the process or tend to come off as overbearing and overprotective. Earth’s have the biggest hearts and are naturally kind and giving. They also seek a lot of love and affection in return, even if they don’t show it, making them prone to attracting unhealthy codependent relationships.

2 Yin Earth

You are associated with the earth’s surface. You are a supportive and compassionate nurturer who tends to sacrifice their own needs in service of others.

5 Earth

You are the associated with the earth’s core and you embody both the yin and yang qualities of this element. You are a reliable delegator who likes to do it all but can sometimes come off as bossy or arrogant.

8 Yang Earth

You are associated with the earth’s high mountains. You are an independent, hardworking revolutionist who may seem very stubborn and rigid on the outside but is often very tender and soft on the inside.


Wood archetypes are the pioneers.

They have this limitless determination to make things happen, to pave new roads and push through old ways; like an old tree root pushing through concrete or a new seed bursting out of the ground. They don’t let anyone, or anything get in their way. This vigorous energy comes naturally to any wood archetype, which is often why they come off as harsh or intimidating. Also, Wood archetypes might get caught moving too quickly at times, making them miss out on crucial steps or opportunities. They also have a childlike and playful nature to them and are often “honest to a fault”.

3 Yang Wood

You are associated to a blade of grass or a bolt of lightning. You are a quick, driven go-getter who can sometimes be quick to anger and gets wound up easily.

4 Yin Wood

You are like a tall tree with deep roots. You are a diligent, intuitive, complex thinker with an unpredictable quality that sometimes fluctuates from being too rigid and stubborn to too flexible and indecisive.


Metal archetypes are the alchemists of form and function. They love creating systems that promote symmetry and beauty and are naturally gifted at transforming chaos into order. They are sharp, disciplined and always work with elegant precision, making them known as somewhat of a perfectionist. Metals are very logical minded when making decisions and live according to high standards and strict principles making them come off as snobby or self-righteous. They may also resort to being overly critical and controlling when things fail to go their way and tend to hold onto negativity.

6 Yang Metal

You are associated with the sharp energy of an axe. You are a highly efficient, natural born leader who is prone to being highly judgmental and critical at times.

7 Yin Metal

You are associated with shiny jewelry. You are a charming optimist who often seeks the pleasures of luxury and beauty making you sometimes come off as overly indulgent or materialistic.