Family Edition



  • A diagnosis of your home's floor plan and design

  • Feng Shui cures, blessings and design adjustments specifically for you and your family's needs and goals. 

  • Home organizing tips and strategies 

  • Motivational steps on de-cluttering

  • Your House Number Numerology

  • Personal 9 Star Ki Astrology 

  • Distant Home Energy Clearings (Tracing the 9 stars)

  • + 90 days of free follow-up calls!

For those seeking...

  • To shift the energy in their home for improved health and success 

  • To infuse their home with vibrant energy and bring balance and harmony back into their lives.

  • To clear and protect their family from negative and disruptive Qi

  • An organized home free of stagnant Qi and clutter

1. Submit In-Take Form

Help me get to know you and your family better before the consult! This way I can get started on your house number numerology and each family member's 9 Star Ki Astrology.

2. Provide a Floor Plan

​A floor plan of your home is required in order for me to understand and map out the flow of energy (Qi) in your home or bedroom using the ancient Bagua Map.

3. Upload Photos

Visuals of your living spaces

are required to better identify which physical elements in your environment are most likely working for you or against you.

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